Granite is one of the world’s hardest wearing and most durable natural products. This makes it the perfect choice for paving, pool coping, walling and almost any other application. Another great benefit of granite is that it comes in hundreds of colours and multiple finishes – allowing for almost endless combinations. Below are some of our more popular Granite colours but if you’re interested in something that you don’t see here please contact us for some more options.

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Tasman Grey Tasman Grey, Flamed
Nero Notte Nero Notte, Flamed
Rustic Rustic, Flamed
White Grey White Grey, Flamed
Sahara Gold Sahara Gold, Sandblasted
Burgundy Burgundy, Flamed
Aniseed Aniseed - Flamed
Light Yellow Light Yellow - Fine Bush Hammer
Field Green Field Green - Flamed
Salt n Pepper Salt n Pepper - Flamed

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Due to the resilient and hard wearing nature of granite it has been used extensively for public, commercial and residential projects for many years. The versatility of granite makes it the perfect choice for paving, pool coping, cobblestones, walling, water features and architectural pieces. Having formed thousands of years ago, any deterioration of colour has already taken place, so you can be assured that the granite you buy today will stand the test of time. The chemistry and mineralogy of each quarry means that we have access an extensive range of granite colours.  Our basic range consists of colours including white, grey, black, green and yellow but there are colours to suit almost every need. Most granite is quarried in huge blocks, making it possible for us to achieve sizes that are otherwise unfeasible with other natural stones. Due to the inherit strength of granite we’re able to produce large, relatively thin, pieces that retain great durability. Granite is available in a number of finishes and can be tailored to suit your needs, including slip resistant finishes for your external paving needs and polished finishes for internal tiling. Granite is strong, durable, colour fast and stain resistant. We’re sure to help you find something special for you next project.

Granite - Natural Stone

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